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With the Trevor DTRe we launch our first premium electric model. Each Trevor is hand-assembled in Belgium while using only the absolute best in high-end performance parts. A DTRe Stella is street legal (EU) and has a reach of up to 100 km (62 miles) and a charging time (0 to 100%) of 70 minutes with a 3kW Charger. 

  • Hand-built in Belgium

  • Versions: SL (EU-Type approved)

  • Zero emission 

  • Zero pollution

  • 19" Haan Wheels

  • 19" Dunlop Tyres

  • 11KW Power

  • Air-cooled Brushless DC3 Motor

  • Sarolea performance tech frame

  • C-Battery 2.7 kWh Battery Pack

  • 95 km/u - 59 mp/h

  • Reach: 102 (City) / 87 km (WMTC)

  • +1 hr full charge (3kW Charger) 

  • Weight: 101 kg / 223 lbs

  • Seat height 91 cm /  35.8 inch

  • 20-week lead time between purchase & delivery

We currently offer one version of the DTRe Stella. The SL, this model is EU-type approved and is fitted with all corresponding parts (blinkers, brake lights, license plate holder, ... ) in order to tackle paved and unpaved roads worldwide. This Model comes standard with a CDQS White body and a 1kW Charger, head to our parts section if you wish to add custom parts to your purchase.


Pay Later: After paying an initial deposit, your order will be placed and you will receive a chronological spot in the delivery queue. The total balance + shipping, minus the €500 deposit (non-refundable), is due right before we ship your Trevor. 

Pay Now: A full-price payment via your payment provider of choice, you will receive priority shipping with a spot in the first delivery round.

Note that we also offer custom payment options to match the needs of each client, reach out via the contact form or head over to Instagram as our team will personally guide you toward your first order. 

Shipping:  for packing (motor guard) and shipping logistics we charge a sum of €250

This includes a motor guard (safe shipping) and the support of our in-house logistics team that sources the most competitive freight options on the market. After selecting the shipping option of your choice, this remaining sum will be charged right before shipping.
Your order will only be shipped when full payment has been received, until that point the ordered motorcycle remains the property of Trevor Motorcycle BV. 

The product photo might not reflect the actual product. Due to delivery lead times, some components may differ, do note that only High-end Performance parts will be used. 

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