DTRe Vince
Premium Components
Identical Drivetrain to the DTRe Stella
Robust Steel Swingarm
Triple Clamps
Trellis Frame
KYB Front Suspension for Superior Handling
Trevor Rear Shock for a Smooth Ride
BYBRE Brakes for Precision Stopping
Crystal-Clear LCD Dashboard
Trevor Chain & Steel Sprockets for Reliability
Trevor Handlebar & Switchgear 
Trevor Rims and Hubs for Style and Durability

DTRe Stella
Premium Components
Sarolea® Performance Motor
AFAM® chain
Trevor® Trellis frame
Trevor® CNC machined swingarm
Öhlins® 43 Front suspension 
Sarolea® Performance Rear Shock 
Beringer Brakes 
LCD Dashboard
Aluminium Domino Racing® handlebar
HAAN® Excel spoked wheels
Mitas® Tires