About us

TREVOR Motorcycles is an electric motorcycle company born from a mission to design and build sustainable motorcycles.
Designed in California and Hand-built in Belgium, Trevor stands for an unstoppable clean revolution.

In the spring of 2018, two old friends, Philippe Stella and motorcycle professional Jeroen-Vincent Nagels, worked together on the Saroléa N60 MM.01 project in a small cottage in Cadaqués, a beautiful small coastal village near Barcelona. Outside work they rode vintage dirt bikes to fetch groceries and play around on the sandy roads nearby, it is here the idea of creating a clean urban motorcycle was born. 
The goal of our DTRe was to create a sustainable and agile electric motorcycle for all terrains. From the urban jungle, through the city's harbour into the country. A motorcycle that could reach 90 kph with ease, as an instant reaction to the 260 Nm of torque at its rear wheel.

The design takes form from our flat-tracker dreams as you see the DTRe Stella in MGHTY Black - Street Legal.
Our bikes are fit for an A1 (EU) drivers license.


Philippe Stella

Founder & creative director

Philippe is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in L.A. and Cadaques. He brings 19 years of L.A. cool and is also well known in the Flat-track scene and lifestyle circles. He used to ride a 2-stroke dirt bike and was a lifestyle guru at The Mighty Machines.

Jeroen-Vincent NAGELS

Founder & Product director

Jeroen-Vincent is a true petrolhead and automotive professional. He brings more than 20 years of client experience improvement. Amongst his clients are Honda, Triumph, Ducati & Saroléa. Apart from riding daily, he is also a crash tester when it comes to fast road bikes. 

Ties Bemelmans


Ties is a multidisciplinary wunderkind who lives and works in Antwerp. He brings 10 years of global experience to the table. Hit him up for everything marketing, branding or sales related. 



Patrick has years of experience as CFO in KMO’s as multinationals. His passion and focus points? investment analyses, management reporting, dealmaking & deal guidance, empowerment from teams, project portfolio management, and much more.  Patrick strongly believes in the business partnering role from finance as a lever to entrepreneurial success… transforming the finance function from a cost centre into a profit centre!