Trevor DTRe Stella

With the Trevor DTRe Stella we launch our first premium electric model. Each Trevor is hand-assembled in Belgium while using only the absolute best in high-end performance parts. A DTRe Stella is street legal (EU) and has a reach of up to 87 km (55 miles) and a charging time (0 to 100%) of 03 hours with a 1kW Charger.

Trevor DTRe Vince

Revolutionize your journey with our latest marvel, the DTRe Vince - the pinnacle of electric motorcycle engineering. Building on the legacy of the iconic DTRe Stella, the Vince takes everything you love about its predecessor and refines it into an even more accessible package.

Time to Ride with Trevor.

In the heart of the urban jungle, where engines and the haze of pollution dominate the streets, a new era is dawning. Meet Jeroen-vincent & Philippe, the dynamic duo behind a Belgian Electric Motorcycle brand committed to reshaping the way we navigate our cities.


is an electric motorcycle manufacturer born with a mission to design and build sustainable motorcycles. Designed in California and Hand-built in Belgium, Trevor stands for an unstoppable clean revolution.