Terms & Conditions

Returns & Exchanges

Within 14 days following the purchase of the items, you are permitted to exchange or return the items. The order must be returned to us in perfect condition in the original packaging and accompanied by the original invoice.

The original packaging must be fully intact for the return to go through well. TREVOR cannot accept returns where labels have been removed or tampered with in any way. Shipping charges on returned items are at the customer’s expense.

For refunding, clients will wait for a fortnight before getting their money back to the original credit card of the purchaser. Additional duties or taxes and shipping cost will not be refunded.

The inclusion of VAT for countries within the EU will be done in the refund.
Exchanges are only valid when the products are in existence. Same type and size of the product, as well as availability, will guarantee the exchange of faulty items.
Faulty items refund will be within a month period of delivery. The exchange is guaranteed as per the instructions from TREVOR. Stores cannot initiate return and refund of items.

The following are the procedure to follow when returning the item. How to proceed with a return: Kindly contact info@trevormotorcycles.com for how to go through with the whole process of your return. Restate your order number. Furthermore, clarify which items you are sending back, and stating clearly why you wish to return them.

Return instructions
• Return of an item requires possession of a return authorization (RA) number; without which there will be no acceptance of the returned item.
• To poses a return authorization, contact us via email using the information illustrated below: info@trevormotorcycles.com 
• To return a package, you should inform us within a month since the day the package was received. TREVOR has no responsibility resulting from damage or loss of the item since we recommend you insure the item via logistics and keep tracking number until complete refund has been done.
• Returned item should be in untouched condition with original tags placed on the package.
• The packaging of the manufacturer should be visible either in writing or marks.
• The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs, and other extra costs. TREVOR will only call for return when there was shipment error in this case we cater for such expenses.

Warranty & complaints

The Warranty will only be valid if the motorcycle is registered, approved and activated, provided a receipt and/or invoice at the registration. Warranty claims will only be processed through a "warranty claim", by the original buyer.

TREVOR warrants that all factory manufactured TREVOR motorcycles are free from defects in material and workmanship during the period of this Warranty.

This Warranty covers separate parts only, including battery, motor, controller, frame, front and rear suspension, brakes, wheels and electrical sub-assemblies. The Warranty does not cover against damages caused by normal wear and tear. For parts that easily wear out, such as drive chains, drive belts, seats, grips, rims, lights / lamps, tires, brake levers, bearings etc., the Warranty is only valid as long as the bike is not used.

The Warranty is only valid provided that the TREVOR motorcycle has been operated according to “proper use” and “under normal operating conditions”, e.g. following normal operational care and following instructions in any manual or documentation provided, or made available, by TREVOR from time to time.

The Warranty does not apply in the event of crashes, damages, abuse, neglect, carelessness, using the product in any way other than intended, replacement with any part or accessory other than original TREVOR parts and products, attempt of reparation or modification unless expressly permitted in writing by TREVOR.

Any modification to the TREVOR motorcycles, or riding with damaged parts, will deem the Warranty null and void, as modifications and broken parts can cause the motorcycles to malfunction and risk the safety of the rider.

The period for which this Warranty starts is when a warranty registration is approved and are defined as below:
• 24 months from the original shipment date, or date of purchase through retailer, for all warranty included parts, excluding batteries, on all TREVOR street legal bikes that have not been used in off-road applications
• 6 months from the original shipment date, or date of purchase through retailer, for all warranty included parts, excluding batteries, on all TREVOR non-street legal bikes and TREVOR street-legal bikes that have been used in off-road applications
• 24 months from the original shipment date, or date of purchase through retailer, for batteries, where batteries are subject to warranty (subject to the limitations listed above) in case of a battery capacity loss of 30% or more

In the United Kingdom all warranty obligations and standards are followed according to the ‘Plug-in Motorcycle Grant Vehicle application form and guidance notes Version 2.1’.

This warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damages, including loss of value of the Trevor motorcycle, lost profits or earnings, out-of-pocket expenses for substitute transportation or lodging, expenses associated with returning the covered product to an authorized service facility or dealer, towing and/or roadside assistance expenses, expenses associated with returning the covered product back to its owner, mechanic’s travel time or communication charges, loss or damage to personal property, loss or time, or inconvenience.