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Testride x DTRe Stella

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Book your test ride by clicking the button to the left and come and ride a Trevor DTRe Stella. 

A DTRe Stella is street legal (EU) and has a reach of up to 100 km (62 miles) and a charging time (0 to 100%) of 70 minutes with a 3kW Charger. 

  • Hand-built in Belgium

  • Versions: SL (EU-Type approved)

  • Zero emission 

  • Zero pollution

  • 19" Haan Wheels

  • 19" Dunlop Tyres

  • 11KW Power

  • Air-cooled Brushless DC3 Motor

  • Sarolea performance tech frame

  • C-Battery 2.7 kWh Battery Pack

  • 95 km/u - 59 mp/h

  • Reach: 102 (City) / 87 km (WMTC)

  • +1 hr full charge (3kW Charger) 

  • Weight: 101 kg / 223 lbs

  • Seat height 91 cm /  35.8 inch

  • 20-week lead time between purchase & delivery

We currently offer one version of the DTRe Stella, the SL, this model is EU-type approved and is fitted with all corresponding parts (blinkers, brake lights, license plate holder, ... ). This Model comes standard with a CDQS White body and a 1kW Charger, head to our parts section if you wish to add custom parts to your purchase.

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